White Color Digital LED Strip

  • LC8812B SK6812 Digital White LED Strip

    LC8812B SK6812 Digital White LED Strip

    Using LC8812B single white 5050 pixel led chip as the light source, same control way with sk6812/ws2812b, the white color has warm white 2800-3200k, nature white 3800-4500k, cool white 5700-6500k, 1 led 1 pixel addressable. The LC8812B Digital White LED Strip can be controlled by WIFI remote and cell phone(Android ,IOS), so you can change any color and dimming LED as you want at any time.

  • LC8812WWA SK6812WWA LED Strip

    LC8812WWA SK6812WWA LED Strip

    (1) LC8812B/SK6812 LED are pin to pin function,same lighting effect,same control way.

    (2) SK6812WWA/LC8812WWA LED is the IC inside SMD5050. It has 3 color temperature controlled by LC8812 IC, Cool White:6000-7000K,Warm White: 2700-3000K,Amber: 1800-2000K, same function with SK6812WWA, turnable white addressable.

    (3) Each led individual controlled,every led can be cut.

    (4) Operating Voltage 5 Voltage DC.

    (5) SPI signal control system, DVI video control system,DMX console controllable.

    (6) The LED has a low driving voltage high brightness, scattering angle, good consistency, low power,and long life.