DMX512 Digital LED Strip

  • DMX512 RGB LED Strip

    DMX512 RGB LED Strip

    DMX512 LED Strip is parallel connection, support standard DMX512 control system,using DMX Signal not SPI Signal. It has two data cables with one independent PO cable, this makes the signal travels very rapid and stable quality. Even to show the large data transmission, it also works smoothly and won’t get stuck. Besides it has max485 module inside the DMX512 IC, that makes it can connect to the console directly and can achieve long distance transmission and faster speed compared without max485 DMX led strip.

    Before this DMX512 LED Strip, our DMX512 led strip is 12v or 24v, but now we develop it to individual control one pixel one DMX512 IC control under 5 voltage also.

  • DMX512 RGBW LED Strip

    DMX512 RGBW LED Strip

    DMX512 RGBW LED using international standards DMX512 protocol products, is max485 module inside the dmx512 IC and with 4 colors in 1 RGBW 5050 led to be the light source,so, it is different from other DMX led strips. It is 5 wires DMX RGBW led strips, the transfer rate and transfer distance is better than 4 wires DMX led strip on the market. It can connect to the DMX console without decoder and with more colors programmable for DMX digital led strips.

    one and multi point damage does not affect other parts of the strips and continue work. So no matter what or how many IC broken,the led strip will work normally.